S. Meioh Special Effect Contact Lenses


Anime & Fantasy, Cosplay, Purple, Sailor Moon

S. Meioh Special Effects lenses are perfect for your Halloween costume or theatrical use! Find S. Meioh contacts here at discount prices.

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S. Meioh Effect Contacts

S. Meioh Special Effect Contacts are a great addition to any costume idea. S. Meioh Contact Lenses are so cool and unique that they are commonly worn as street ware, and not for theatrical purposes. We offer the same manufacturer made, S. Meioh Lenses, that you would get from your eye doctor, sealed in the original packaging. Our discount priced S. Meioh Special FX Lenses are so low because we sell them strictly online, with no additional inventory or retailer costs. Order your S.

Meioh Special Effect Contact Lenses today and have them shipped right all Codes bank to your home!

S. Meioh Lens Facts

  • Lens Category: Purple
  • Special Effect Contact Lens VialLens Category: Purple

  • Packaging: 8 Lens per Vial
  • Material: 100% Polymer (Custom Theatrical)
  • Water %: 0% H2O
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